How to manage talent in a world of digital transformation

For digital transformation to be successful, organisations need to find, develop, and retain the right talent.
By: | March 3, 2022

For many organisations, the last two years have seen a rapid acceleration in their digital transformation journeys as they first managed the transition to remote work and latterly, to a hybrid work model.

As many have since gone on to find out, finding, developing, and retaining the right talent is crucial for digital transformation to be successful. With the pandemic having encouraged more streamlined operations and cost efficiencies, organisations are increasingly looking for answers internally.

Companies need to play an increasingly proactive role in upskilling their employees so they can adapt to new changes in technology instead of relying too much on external hires, suggested McKinsey.

Employers should adopt a more agile approach and define the specific skill types required, before leveraging digital technology to offer workers specific programmes to equip them with the necessary skill sets, McKinsey added.

While upskilling and reskilling will be a top priority in a world of digital transformation, organisations should also ensure that digital talent are hired and rewarded for their intellectual curiosity and be allowed to thrive in an environment that can nurture critical thinking, said Mervyn Dinnen, HR & Talent Trends Analyst.

He told HRM Asia, “Digital talent favour constructive and meaningful feedback, and are unlikely to respond to managers who duck out of having difficult conversations. They also respond to leaders who are constantly learning and developing themselves too.”

Dinnen, who co-authored the new book Digital Talent with Matt Alder, Producer and Host of The Recruiting Future Podcast, will be presenting a keynote session at the HR Leaders APAC Summit, which is taking place on Wednesday, May 11, as part of HR Tech Festival Asia 2022.

The keynote session, titled Creating a Game-Changing Digital Talent Journey to Attract, Develop, and Retain the Digital Skills Your Business Needs, will see Dinnen and Alder discuss the essential steps that organisations can take to attract and retain the people they need to successfully implement their digital transformation strategies.

While more employees are seeking flexibility in where and when work gets done, having the opportunity to learn and develop new skills and capabilities is now the number one reason why most people join an organisation, and the reason they will stay, said Dinnen.

He added, “L&D should be increasingly part of the hiring process, ensuring all candidates are aware of their opportunities for growth and development should they join, and being open about the approach to internal mobility.”

This rings particularly true at a time when organisations are looking to create new processes that are fit for purpose in the age of digital transformation, and to use digital abilities effectively to maximise productivity while maintaining wellbeing, Dinnen and Alder highlighted.

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