HR managers in India identify remote working as long-term goal

63% of HR managers in India said their organisations will continue to work virtually even when COVID-19 lockdown is lifted in the country.
By: | June 2, 2020

Companies in India are stepping up their digital transformation in preparation for life post COVID-19. After all, 6 in 10 (63%) HR managers indicated in a new TimesJobs survey that their organisations are likely to continue working virtually when the COVID-19 lockdown is lifted in India.

For the remaining 37% of firms, a partial recall to the workplace can be expected, as 44% of HR managers said they will bring back only 30-40% of the workforce to office premises in the first run.

To ensure an effective remote environment, 23% of respondents said their companies have been investing in various office collaboration tools to work remotely, while another 20% have now started to implement digital tools and platforms for virtual work.

Having to work from home also saw 37% of HR managers highlighting an increased dependency on digital tools and technologies, while 28% of respondents believe that the implementation of technologies such as virtual reach out-groups and video calls has transformed the conventional idea of working cohesively.

Calling this as a “big disruption” for businesses in India traditionally adverse to a virtual working culture, Sanjay Goyal, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig, added, “I won’t be surprised if many offices will now consider moving some roles to remote working permanently.”

The survey also revealed some of the challenges HR managers in India currently face. Around a quarter said managing workforce productivity is a primary challenge, while 23% identified the maintenance of a seamless work experience for employees as their biggest roadblock.

Another 19% of HR managers stated that enabling the mental and financial well-being for employees is the biggest challenge for them during the COVID-19 lockdown.