HR Tech Fest Connect 2020: Building the best workplaces

At HR Tech Fest Connect 2020, leading companies such as Salesforce, Oracle, Androgogic and Totara will be sharing key strategies to help organisations build the best workplaces.
By: | May 8, 2020

The key to engaging employees and building an incredible culture is the actual experience your employees have while trying to get the job done, described Lauren McKeon, Senior Manager, Employee Success, Salesforce.

“Employees want the same tools and experiences they are exposed to in their personal lives to be available at work too, and when we give these to them, it’s a huge accelerator.”

McKeon will be speaking at HR Tech Fest Connect 2020, a two-day online conference which will be held on May 12-13. During her session titled Building a Best Workplace to Drive Business Performance and Impact, McKeon will be sharing how Salesforce uses their own technology to empower their employees.

She will also highlight the company’s best practices on how to digitise processes that will make “working from anywhere” a comfortable reality within organisations.

Welcoming attendees to her session on May 12, from 3pm to 3.30pm, Singapore time, McKeon added, “We will explore how to create open and transparent communication channels for your employees to find up-to-date information easily and quickly.

“More importantly, we will also discuss how creating a digital employee experience will allow better engagement with your employees, and how it will enable them to be more effective in their various roles and drive real ROI for your organisation.”

For business leaders, organisation transformation typically means a controlled plan of timelines, phases and milestones. However, crisis forces accelerated change and employees today have a different set of fears and struggles to cope with.

Great HR leadership thus, will be the key difference in how organisations and their employees adapt, said Johannes Eckold, Director, HCM Strategy and Business Development ASEAN, Oracle.

“HR’s role in the core business strategy is critical,” he added. “We have the power to influence, motivate and navigate the organisation through this situation, leveraging humanity, enabled by technology and the power of data.”

Eckold’s session, which is taking place on May 12, from 2pm to 2.30pm, is titled HR Leadership In The Eye of The Storm, and will discuss how organisations can master leadership and keep their employees focused, connected and engaged.

To survive and thrive, organisations need more agile processes, workflows and people, which will require a deep understanding of what motivates people at work.

Bringing together learning, performance management and engagement transcends technical and cultural barriers, and has become essential to the success of the modern organisation. To achieve this, HR and learning technology platforms must offer greater interoperability, integrating directly into the workflow systems and processes of organisations.

In this joint session titled The Future Is Here: Integrated Talent Experience Platforms, Alexander Roche, Principal Education Technologist and CEO, Androgogic, and Lars Hyland, Chief Learning Officer, Totara, will cover why people matter more than ever; what motivates us at work; the role of technology in integrated learning, performance management and engagement; and how flexible technologies position organisations to capture on the trend towards integrated platforms.

During the session, which is taking place on May 12, from 2.45pm to 3.15pm, attendees can also learn about the benefits of a tightly integrated LMS, performance management and engagement software; understand the trends that are making flexibility/adaptability the key success factors in business; and grasp the changing role and responsibility of HR and L&D teams.

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