HR Tech Fest Connect 2020: Taking the next step in intelligent tools

John Sumser, a US-based futurist and technology commentator, will discuss how HR can embrace intelligent tools to solve problems and make better decisions.
By: | April 28, 2020

While technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have pervaded many aspects of our lives, it is worth noting that these intelligent tools are but assistants and cannot give you definitive answers.

“They can offer solid input to your decision-making,” John Sumser, a US-based futurist and technology commentator, told HRM Asia.  “But, unless you are careless, the decisions should always belong to people.”

Speaking at the HR Tech Fest Connect 2020 on May 13, from 4pm to 4.30pm, Singapore time, Sumser will discuss the ways in which HR departments have embraced and repurposed their intelligent technologies to keep pace with rapid change.

His session, titled Intelligent Tools (AI and data): Where we are right now, will review the fundamentals of intelligent tools and examine what aspects are currently working. Sumser will also present a new view of ethics, which is designed to help HR departments make sense of the choices they are facing.

By the end of the session, attendees will leave with an enhanced understanding of the basics of intelligent tools, a better understanding of how HR departments are using intelligent tools to solve immediate problems, and a new view of ethics as a way of thinking about problem solving.

Sumser will be joined at the two-day online conference, which will be held on May 12-13, by other HR thought leaders and luminaries such as Josh Bersin, Jason Averbook, Peck Kem Low, Jean Leslie and Jeanette Bronee. These speakers, and many others, will focus on the future of remote work and explore the strategies and tools HR leaders can use to build effective teams that are able to work across boundaries, functions, cultures, geographies and time zones.

HR Tech Fest Connect 2020 is completely virtual and free to attend. Register now to immerse yourself in two full days of exclusive free content that will equip you for the future of remote work.


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