Human development in the evolving ASEAN workplace

AHDO Human Development Summit redefines HR in ASEAN, merging tradition with human development to empower professionals for the future.
By: | March 20, 2024

The landscape of HR is undergoing a significant shift. Moving beyond traditional practices, a more holistic approach focused on human development (HD) is taking centre stage. Recognising this evolution, the AHDO Human Development Summit, hosted by the ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO) in collaboration with HRM Asia, has emerged as a platform within HR Tech Festival Asia 2024.

This summit offers HR professionals an opportunity to reimagine their roles and unlock the full potential of their workforce. Designed to connect ASEAN’s HR leaders, thought leaders, and national HR associations, the summit fosters meaningful discussions on critical topics shaping the future of work.

The focus? Bridging the gap between traditional HR and a new paradigm. By equipping HR professionals with the necessary insights and strategies, the summit aims to elevate their status and empower them to navigate the complexities of the modern ASEAN workplace.

A key focal point is understanding the unique dynamics of the ASEAN workplace and its implications for HD. One of the panel discussions, titled Human Development Progress and Challenges in the ASEAN Workplace, will explore the socio-economic factors shaping HR practices, the rise of a distinct ASEAN work ethic, and the evolving role of ethics in decision-making across diverse cultural landscapes.

Dr Bob Aubrey, Founder and Chair of the Advisory Board of AHDO, emphasised the growing importance of HD in ASEAN. He told HRM Asia, “In the past year, HD has become a ‘must know’ and ‘must be capable’ in ASEAN for HR leaders. Along with news about ASEAN’s fast growth and visibility on the world stage, I have also seen ASEAN’s ‘people-centred’ and ‘people-oriented’ community adopted in business cultures.”

“Again and again, we see the top HR leaders of South-East Asian organisations say they are building an HD culture and policies for the region. Boards and the C-suite want HR to make ethical decisions concerning fairness and rights. They want to report on exemplary Social practices for ESG. And most importantly this year, for the first time, HD is taking centre stage in such a regional HR conference with the opening by the Secretary General of ASEAN and the discussion by the ASEAN Director of Human Development.”

The AHDO Human Development Summit offers a wealth of practical guidance for HR professionals through its diverse conference tracks. Take, for example, Dr Aubrey’s session on Doing the Right Thing: Rise of the ASEAN Work Ethic and its Impact on HR. This track will equip HR professionals with the tools to navigate ethical decision-making in a complex cultural landscape. He will also explore different ethical frameworks and their application to specific situations.

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Another insightful session is The ASEAN Overview: New Capabilities in the Human and Organisational Dimensions of Business, led by Nadiah Tan Abdullah, CHRO of S P Setia and AHDO Chair 2024. This session tackles three key areas: elevating the status of HR professionals, managing a workforce that spans borders, and anticipating upcoming changes and advancements in the HR field.

The AHDO Human Development Summit marks a turning point for HR. By prioritising HD and understanding the unique needs of the ASEAN workforce, HR professionals can become architects of the region’s future workplace. Join us on 24 April 2024, from 10.30am to 5.30pm (SGT) at the AHDO Development Summit during HR Tech Festival Asia 2024 to navigate this exciting shift.