Moulding the future workforce at HR Tech Festival Asia 2024!

The Talent Unleashed theatre will, for two days, be the epicentre of discussions and sharing of how to inspire and transform your employees.
By: | March 13, 2024

How can organisations unlock the talent within their workforce in 2024 and beyond? What does the future hold for organisations considering geopolitical events, new working trends, and the rise of technological advances?

As organisations and their leaders contend with the changing priorities of their workforce, many are considering how organisations can tap into an inclusive and engaged workplace from an increasingly diverse pool of talent. Talent Unleashed at the HR Tech Festival Asia 2024, held on April 24-25 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Hall in Singapore, will be focused on these strategies and will share how organisations can unlock and inspire employees to perform better, especially when their needs and recognition of the work they do are acknowledged.

Topics to be explored in the theatres include the increasing importance and need for learning and development within organisations, both in terms of keeping jobs viable for employees while also preparing organisations to remain competitive for employees in the years to come.

Start with sitting in on a keynote speech from Martin Laschkolnig, Founder & Director, Institute for the Development of Potential. Attendees will be able to understand the value agenda of managing, developing and growing employees, while being able to properly understand how and why a self-esteem-based leadership culture can help mitigate business risks. The session Securing the Future of Business: Boardroom Strategies for Leadership, Talent and Succession aims to enhance organisational and workforce capabilities for sustained growth and outperformance.

Those who are looking to turn talent into productivity will be happy to sit in on the session Recognising Drives and Motivation, The Catalyst to Turning Potential into Performance, led by Stephan van der Vat, Chief Executive Officer, Management Drives International. In it, learn to adopt a practical and purposeful approach to individual, team, and organisational development, while also learning to empower growth and future-ready leadership through an active learning culture. Attendees will learn to tune in on strengths, motivation, and behavioural insights to constructively unlock people potential.

Organisations who want to figure out employee value propositions (EVPs) for a workforce of multiple generations of employees would do well to attend Crafting a Multigenerational EVP and Bridging Generational Gaps in Employer Branding. Led by Rachele Focardi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, XYZ@Work, HR teams can relook at the essential elements of employer branding in a multigenerational workplace, develop and incorporate EVP into the company’s culture and DNA, and under the impact of a multigenerational EVP on employer branding and its significance in talent acquisition and retention.

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Develop the best of Amplifying Purposeful HR and Business Value with Human Experience Management, and learn to disrupt the status quo and accelerate change management with digital HXM. A senior representative from SAP SuccessFactors will integrate core HR with talent management, aiming to maximise returns on people investments.

Organisations who want to understand how easy it can be to reduce the barriers and democratise access to jobs will be able to take heed from the session Redefining Recruitment Paradigms in a Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch Hiring Landscape, presented by a senior representative from HireVue. With help from AI, learn the importance of automating hiring processes for greater workflow efficiency and results, and learn about intelligent automation and generative AI as game changers to recruitment and retention.

Want to learn more about the different sessions happening on both Day 1 and 2 of the HR Tech Festival Asia 2024? Visit the HR Tech Festival Asia 2024 website to find the full Talent Unleashed agenda as well as see the list of organisations, panellists and speakers featured in the event!