Indonesia prioritises upskilling to navigate AI challenges

The rising influence of AI is prompting Indonesia to prioritise workforce development, particularly the upskilling and reskilling of employees.
By: | October 3, 2023

Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower has underscored the need to boost the quality of the nation’s workforce in response to the rapid growth of AI.

Prof. Anwar Sanusi, Ph.D, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Manpower, Indonesia, and Deputy Manpower Minister for Indonesia, stressed that upskilling and reskilling are essential to enhance the capabilities of employees in Indonesia in adapting to AI advancements. While AI promises increased efficiency and productivity, it also poses challenges, potentially replacing some jobs in specific sectors, he said.

However, Prof. Sanusi highlighted that AI creates fresh employment opportunities in the technology sector, including roles such as data analysts, data scientists, and machine learning engineers.

To address these changes, he urged organisations to invest in training their employees to remain competitive in the digital age. The Ministry of Manpower has previously encouraged college students to acquire digital technology skills, recognising the increasing digitisation of work patterns and daily life.

Prof. Sanusi continued, “The digitalisation era will increase demand for certain jobs and also decrease other types of work.”

He added that jobs requiring digital technology expertise, such as data and AI analysts, machine learning engineers, digital marketing specialists, and database architects, are expected to see increased demand. Conversely, positions of a clerical and routine nature, like cashiers, secretaries, data entry personnel, and tellers, are expected to decline, reported Antara.

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