Making work life better: The next step on the Dayforce journey

The unifying of the Dayforce brand is amplifying the brand promise to make work life better for people everywhere.
By: | March 18, 2024

As work continues to evolve in the face of change, many organisations are faced with increasingly diverse challenges in driving growth and success in 2024.

For one of the leading Human Capital Management (HCM) software and services providers in the world, their brand promise of making work life better for people everywhere has perhaps never been more critical or pronounced.

Brian Donn, Managing Director for Asia Pacific and Japan, Dayforce, told HRM Magazine Asia, “Today’s workforce is boundless – fluid, always-on, and borderless – and our changing world of work makes running a business more complex than ever. At Dayforce, we’re helping to cut the complexity and continuing to launch seamless products and experiences that help our community operate with confidence and unlock more value.”

Having been Ceridian’s flagship cloud HCM platform for many years, Dayforce now represents the next step in the organisation’s brand evolution, as Donn explained, “Unifying our brand as Dayforce is an immense, once-in-a-generation opportunity to take everything we do to a new level. It will create a new level of clarity for our customers and unite our employees and partners together with a shared vision.”

“With this transformation, we believe we can amplify our brand promise to make work life better for people everywhere by delivering world-class products that drive quantifiable value for our customers. This includes ongoing investment in simplicity at scale through AI-driven innovations and best-in-class experiences across every stage of the customer journey, helping organisations realise their full people potential.”

An industry leader with more than 15 years of experience leading enterprise software business across APJ at organisations such as Oracle, Verint Systems, KANA, and Sword Group, Donn joined Ceridian in January 2022 and assumed his current position in October 2023, where he is spearheading Dayforce’s rapid expansion into the APJ region.

“Unifying our brand as Dayforce is an immense, once-in-a-generation opportunity to take everything we do to a new level.” – Brian Donn, Managing Director for APJ, Dayforce

This January, Dayforce officially opened a new office in Manila that will be home to more than 1,000 employees in the Philippines and builds on the investment in six other office hubs that have been launched around the region in the past two years.

Donn added, “Our APJ customers increasingly rely on Dayforce to deliver transformational business outcomes, fuelled by rapidly changing workforce dynamics and a challenging compliance landscape.  At Dayforce, we are continuing to invest heavily in Asia as a strategic team hub for our company’s global operations.”

Transforming work and building the future today

With an eager eye on helping to shape the future of work, Q4 of 2023 saw Dayforce introducing a new suite of features designed to elevate the user experience and help employers and employees thrive in today’s boundless workforce.

These include hyper-personalised features like candidate experience, HR service delivery tools and people programmes such as volunteer activities and alumni engagement, which embed Dayforce Co-Pilot to enable Dayforce customers to harness AI-powered intelligence across the Dayforce environment.

With AI having a transformative impact in 2023, Dayforce Co-Pilot is also representative of how AI is likely to continue to reshape the way organisations work in 2024.

“AI is clearly one of the most exciting technological developments in recent years, and it is already powering exciting growth in HR,” Donn agreed. “For example, we’re already seeing AI help organisations create and automate job requisitions, personalise career coaching, prepare performance reviews, and identify and help to fill staffing shortfalls. And we’re proud that Dayforce is at the forefront of this innovation.”

Dayforce’s approach to AI, he shared, is supported by several key principles. Firstly, the use of AI technology is rooted in rigorous data privacy and security, and determined by fair, transparent, explainable, and understandable methods.

The data used to train the technology must be high-quality, diverse, and representative, and used with express permission. Lastly, Dayforce believes that human judgement is essential in using AI technology to review and correct AI-generated decisions or recommendations.

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As organisations continue to search for innovative ways to leverage AI to create the most effective and impactful ways to work, Dayforce, driven by a renewed sense of purpose, is poised to lead the next phase of this technological advancement in the workplace.

“We believe AI is an indispensable teammate that will propel employees to new levels of creativity, collaboration, and fulfilment and we’re excited by all of the ways we can leverage it to enhance the value we provide to customers,” Donn concluded.