Malaysia’s green industry boom opens doors to 3,000 jobs

Malaysia’s Ministry of Human Resources touts 3,000 green jobs at a new skills fair as the country prepares its workforce for the future economy.
By: | April 29, 2024

Malaysia has taken a proactive approach to prepare the workforce for the growing green economy, with a focus on upskilling and job creation.

Highlighting the expanding green industry, Steven Sim, Malaysia’s Minister of Human Resources, announced the inauguration of the Kesuma Green Skills Fair 2024. He highlighted that the fair presents an array of 3,000 job opportunities within the green sector, many of which offer competitive salaries ranging from RM3,000 (US$628) to RM16,000 (US$3,350) per month.

“It is the ministry’s focus to prepare the Malaysian workforce for the economic challenges of the 21st century, especially with the rise of AI, digitalisation and the green economy,” he said. “The government has set up strategic frameworks like the New Industrial Master Plan 2030 and the National Energy Transition Roadmap to further the green economy.”

Sim elucidated that these initiatives aim to achieve net-zero carbon emissions while unlocking new economic prospects within the green growth sector. He further projected that the National Energy Transition Roadmap could attract investments amounting to RM1.3 trillion (US$272 billion), consequently generating an estimated 310,000 jobs by 2050.

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Allocations in Budget 2024 underscore the government’s commitment to sustainability-related development, with RM230 billion (US$48.1 billion) earmarked for this purpose. Sim explained that this funding comprises an RM30 billion (US$6.2 billion) fiscal injection from the government, supplemented by a substantial commitment of RM200 billion (US$41.8 billion) from the private sector, all geared towards fostering green job creation.

Sim also unveiled the ministry’s theme for Labour Day, emphasising a dual focus on “jobs, jobs, jobs” and “skills, skills, skills”. Over 20 programmes are scheduled in conjunction with Labour Day, including the MYFutureJobs Kesuma Madani Job Fair, offering 13,000 job opportunities, reported The Star.