More job opportunities that specialise in Gen AI learning to emerge

Gen AI expertise that can be utilised to intervene in threats will be in demand in the next few years thanks to the rise of the technology, says tech CEO.
By: | February 23, 2024

Generative AI (Gen AI) will create more job opportunities within the IT industry, but only for those with certain expertise.

This was the sentiment shared by Ranjit Tinaikar, CEO of Ness Digital Engineering, who was speaking to The Indian Express. He elaborated that the large-scale adaption of Gen AI would help the industry reinvent itself as it has done with other technology changes.

“Gen AI will give ease to a lot of repetitive work but the need for experts will also increase who can use this,” he said. The demand for skilled manpower who can develop new solutions using Gen AI will increase alongside it.  

Tinaikar also shared that he expects more intervention in the way of technology thanks to the rise of deep fakes – for example, the usage of morphed pictures, videos – as usage in Gen AI tech increases. “At present, regulation about Gen AI is in its initial stages and as the technology matures, regulations about it would also increase,” he said. Thus, the need for more sophisticated employees trained to understand and use Gen AI would increase as more and more industries start using Gen AI in technology.

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Ness Digital Engineering looks to increase its headcount by 20-25% annually, with bases in Indian states like Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. Over 40% of the organisation’s global workforce is in India but majority of the work is done for the global markets.