New Malaysia HR Minister unveils reform agenda

The inaugural Human Resources Policy aims to shape a resilient labour market to meet future challenges in Malaysia.
By: | December 22, 2023

In a decisive move during his first week in office, Malaysia’s newly appointed Human Resources Minister Steven Sim has revealed a comprehensive agenda aimed at reshaping the management of the ministry and driving significant change in the country’s human capital landscape. His vision revolves around fortifying welfare, enhancing skills, and boosting overall workforce productivity.

Sim has made decisions to kickstart this transformative journey, including the formulation of the country’s inaugural Human Resources Policy. This policy is set to be the cornerstone guiding efforts to strengthen welfare, enhance skills, and elevate the success of the workforce.

Sim emphasised the policy’s objectives to prepare a labour market capable of tackling future challenges, such as advancements in digital technology, an ageing population, the push for a green economy, job mismatches, and the imperative for decent work. “These efforts align with the framework of a civilised economy, emphasising the importance of addressing issues in the context of economic development,” he said.

He has also directed the ministry to implement the Progressive Salary Policy pilot project, following the presentation of the Progressive Salary White Paper in the parliament. This initiative, developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, aims to ensure the successful implementation of the pilot project and other endeavours to reform the country’s labour market, ultimately enabling employees to receive more dignified and fair wages, reported New Straits Times.

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Additionally, Sim has instructed HRD Corp to halt the Skills Passport project after careful consideration. Citing a year-long delay and a reassessment of its suitability for implementation, Sim stated, “Beginning from this point, the ministry will initiate strategic planning to optimise the functions and efficiency of each department and agency.”