Reinvigorating the learning and development journey

Learning and development (L&D) strategies are being redefined by organisations to ensure workplace learning can take place from anywhere.
By: | March 31, 2022

With hybrid work expected to largely continue in 2022, the focus for many organisations is to build a culture of collaborative learning where employees can work and learn from one another, no matter where they may be working from.

With online learning likely to increase as a result, organisations need to leverage technology not only to provide the digital platforms for employees to learn remotely, but also to personalise the learning experience for employees.

No longer suited to a one-size-fits-all approach, learning should be customised to fit the personal learning needs of employees and allow them to quickly find what they need to learn and be able to instantaneously apply the knowledge learnt to their daily work tasks.

Through this transition to a new way of learning, the role that HR will play cannot be understated. With organisations continuing to feel the impact of the pandemic, and as some countries begin to plan for an endemic way of life, HR has an opportunity to step up to optimise the opportunities that has been presented by hybrid work, particularly in the learning and development (L&D) space.

Working together, HR and L&D can redefine the skills, behaviours, and mindsets required to gain organisational success, and collectively design and tailor modern L&D programmes that reflect their organisation’s objectives.

For the Brunei Shell Petroleum Company (BSP), the transition to hybrid work has been centred around the theme of Return, Refresh, and Reimagine, as Zainab Omar, HR Director, Brunei Shell Petroleum, will share at HR Tech Festival Asia 2022.

During her presentation titled, 6 New Ways to Reinvigorate Your Personal HR Learning and Development Journey, which is taking place on Thursday, May 12, from 3-3.30pm (SGT), Zainab will share how Brunei Shell Petroleum Company is overcoming the challenges posed by the pandemic.

In providing tips on how to reinvigorate the HR learning and development journey, she will also discuss the importance of supporting employees’ personal development and growth as L&D continues to evolve.

With the rapid rate of change that has impacted work over the last two years, organisations that have been able to support, enable, and empower their workforce quickly and at scale are reaping the benefits of an engaged and resilient workforce, observes Yu Dan Shi, APAC Principal Behavioural Scientist, CoachHub.

In her presentation titled, Rethink Talent Development – How to Upskill Your Workforce at All Levels Quickly and Effectively, which is taking place on Wednesday, May 11, from 2-2.30pm (SGT), Yu will explore the latest trends in how to skill up all levels of the workforce quickly and effectively.

She will also identify the key challenges organisations face today in developing skills and provide tips on how to leverage a coaching and a coaching culture to enhance the effectiveness of talent development programmes.

As quality talent becomes increasingly scarce, building leadership competencies must become an integral part of skilling, even as organisations increase their investment in digital coaching throughout the employee lifecycle, suggests Rashim Mogha, General Manager, Leadership and Business Portfolio, Skillsoft.

In her session on Wednesday, May 11, from 12.30pm-1pm (SGT) titled, Why Personalised Coaching Is Essential for Leaders to Stay Ahead, Rashim will explore the rise of personalised digital coaching and the impact it has on organisations when it comes to building better managers, attracting and retaining top talent, effecting lasting behavioural changes, and delivering measurable impact to business success.

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Taking place from 10-13 May 2022, HR Tech Festival Asia 2022 will celebrate a week-long festival of HR with some of the most recognised global and regional thought leaders, and the most innovative HR tech brands in the market today including: ADP, Achievers, AMS, Ceridian, CoachHub, Coursera, Cornerstone OnDemand, Darwinbox, Globalization Partners, LinkedIn, Oracle, ServiceNow, Skillsoft, Top Employers Institute,  Culture Amp, Enboarder, Microsoft, SHL, SumTotal, and Wolter Kluwer.

With the theme of Return. Refresh. Reimagine, the 21st edition of HR Tech Festival Asia will be presented in a hybrid format that is designed to provide an immersive and customisable event experience for your needs and preferences.

2022 will be a complex year for APAC’s HR leaders as organisations return to the workplace, refresh talent strategies, and reimagine the future workforce to optimise business impact.

Be sure to be part of HR Tech Festival Asia 2022 and learn how you can power up your HR teams for a successful year ahead!