Smart WFM expands into Asia with new Singapore office

The expansion follows considerable demand in Asia for workforce management (WFM) and HR services and software, said Smart WFM.
By: | May 28, 2020

Strategic HR workforce management consultancy firm Smart WFM’s new Singapore office is now operational, as the company looks to bring more WFM and HR services and software to help businesses drive productivity and accountability.

As a well-regulated and technology-savvy location, Singapore is an ideal location for Smart WFM’s continued expansion into Asia, said Jarrod McGrath, founder and CEO, Smart WFM.

Speaking to HRM Asia, McGrath said, “You can talk about globalisation, but increasingly, we find more and more of our clients preferring service delivery to be done locally. Singapore serves as an ideal base for us to meet business demand.

“COVID-19 has also brought forth the need to digitise, and Singapore, with the Smart Nation initiative, has a proven digital footprint.”

Like many companies currently operating in Singapore, the Smart WFM team in Singapore is working from home. In these challenging times, always look after your employee first, and make sure their well-being is a top priority, advised McGrath.

He also expects half of businesses to keep remote work policies in place after the pandemic is over, and urged businesses in Asia to go back to the drawing board on workforce management.

“Businesses need to think about how they ensure their remote teams have all the tools and processes in place to maximise productivity.”

McGrath however, acknowledged how some people are missing the personalisation of the workplace – the ability to interact and communicate with co-workers on a face-to-face basis.

With Smart WFM, he expects that once governments around the world have a better grip on COVID-19 and lockdowns are gradually lifted, a hybrid approach of remote working and return to the workplace would be adopted.

“Productivity is priority number one in Asia right now as it braces for a hard post-pandemic economic landing.

“Increasing productivity and engagement while maintaining compliance are workforce management issues, regardless of whether that workplace is an office or the remote or home office,” McGrath concluded.