Tata doubles down on return-to-office policy

K Kristhivasan, CEO of TCS, underscored the irreplaceable value of in-person learning experiences and cast doubt on remote work’s efficacy for growth.
By: | February 27, 2024

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has reaffirmed its stance on ending remote work arrangements, citing concerns about fostering organisational culture and employee learning in a remote setting.

K Kristhivasan, CEO of TCS, highlighted the organisation’s belief that critical learning experiences occur through observing colleagues and superiors in action, experiences he considers irreplaceable in a work-from-home model. He expressed his reservations about the effectiveness of remote work in fostering individual and organisational growth, emphasising the importance of teamwork and fellowship, which he believes cannot be adequately cultivated through virtual interactions.

Concerns about onboarding new hires and preserving organisational culture were also voiced by NG Subramaniam, COO of TCS. Subramaniam pointed out that a significant portion of TCS’ workforce joined the Indian IT giant during the pandemic, raising concerns about their ability to assimilate the organisation’s values and culture without physically working in an office environment. He emphasised the importance of in-person interaction in learning from senior colleagues and expressed the organisation’s belief that the traditional office setting is the most effective way to achieve this.

Furthermore, Subramaniam cautioned employees against prolonged non-compliance with the return-to-office directives, stressing potential consequences for failing to meet the extended deadline, now set for March 2024. He cited cybersecurity risks associated with remote work, emphasising the need for stringent controls only achievable in a traditional office environment.

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The organisation’s commitment to its return-to-office policy is further evidenced by its recent lease of 400,000sqft office space in Noida, India. This move underscores TCS’ long-term commitment to a physical office environment for its workforce, reported Times of India.