The one crucial step to do when applying for a new job

Job applicants would do well to add this crucial step to their application process when it comes to standing out from the crowd.
By: | January 3, 2024

Standing out in the recruitment process as an aspiring applicant can be a daunting one, and one former recruiter of Google has recommended that job applicants email the CEO of the organisation they wish to apply to indicate interest.

Another thing that these applicants could do, if contact information for the organisation in question is unavailable, or if the applicants feel a little intimidated to reach out to them would be to look up the organisation’s recruiter via LinkedIn and reach out to them. This was suggested by Simon Taylor, former Disney recruiter and author, who believes that this move would push applicants ahead in the selection process and get them noticed.

“The recruiter’s job is to find people for these roles,” Taylor explained, and many recruiters would have to go through dozens of resumes or more to do so. Applicants who truly believe that they are qualified for the role would be doing recruiters a favour by contacting them on LinkedIn and putting your name right in front of them, he continued. This can be done if applicants first go to LinkedIn and use relevant keywords that will offer up the suitable people that fit the profile.

Next, Taylor suggested that they send these recruiters a short message, with a small note to indicate the role applied for, as well as the job ID number from the post. The message should include a quick summary of up to two sentences of why they are a great fit for the role, a resume attached as well as a thank you for their time.

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Taylor also cautioned that it might be difficult to determine which recruiter exactly is responsible for hiring someone for the position that the applicants have applied to, as there may be multiple recruiters assigned to different types of departments. In that case, says Taylor, reach out to three or four recruiters, and they would forward it along to the right hiring manager, reported CNBC Make It.