What are the top priorities facing HR leaders in 2021?

HR Tech Fest Connect 2021 will explore the emerging trends and priorities that will define HR and work tech in 2021.
By: | March 18, 2021

As organisations continue their recovery from the pandemic by focusing on steering growth and stability, HR leaders are faced with leading the drive to reimagine and redesign their organisation with precision.

To provide HR leaders with key insights into how they can better define emerging HR trends and priorities in 2021, HRM Asia is organising HR Tech Fest Connect 2021, a completely virtual conference taking place from May 27-28.

Powered by ADP, HR Tech Fest Connect 2021 is Asia’s largest regional flagship conference for HR and work tech, and will examine issues such as how the new HR operating model for 2021 is likely to be one that transitions from responsive to resilient as post-recovery from the pandemic gains pace.

The conference also takes a closer look at how HR technology is shifting to adaptable platforms, and how organisations need to fundamentally rethink how they engage with their employees.

HR Tech Fest Connect 2021 will also feature a lineup of distinguished HR visionaries and experts who will be speaking for the first time in Asia. Providing the keynote address is Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and Dean of the Josh Bersin Academy, who will discuss The new world of employee experience and HR priorities.

Alex Badenoch, Transformation, Communications and People Group Executive, Telstra, will highlight Leadership for a new workplace experience in 2021 and beyond; Anita Lettink, Advisor, Future of Work Speaker and Founder of HRTechRadar, will explain how organisations can Get ready to lead a global, hybrid workforce, and Dr Terri Horton, Workforce Futurist and Founder of FuturePath, will provide key insights in her presentation titled HR leaders: Think, act and perform like a futurist!

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