Amazon’s WFH strategy lets employees stay performance-focused 

Amazon’s three-pronged work-from-home strategy places emphasis on how employees work rather than where they are working from.
By: | September 2, 2022

More companies are seeking ways to return to normalcy in a post-pandemic environment even as the debate on whether employees should return to the office or work from home continues. 

For Amazon, home to 1.6 million employees, the tech giant implemented a pandemic-inspired work-from-home strategy in October 2021. After nearly a year, the three-pronged approach developed by Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon, might turn out to be a long-term solution with the potential to succeed for both employers and employees. 

Setting expectations is the first aspect of Amazon’s three-pronged work-from-home strategy. Specifically, the belief that a company would evolve and continue to optimise decisions for continuous improvement.  

Next is to offer teams the freedom to work however they see fit. The key is how employees perform their work instead of where they do their work. Giving teams and the management behind those teams the freedom to decide how employees can best do their jobs allows them to produce the best results.   

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The third aspect is to focus on a shared mission. In Jassy’s message to Amazon employees, he said that “Decisions should be guided by what is most effective for our customers,” and should serve as a guide to keep employees on track regardless of what they are working on or where they are working.