Employees in Thailand seek non-monetary benefits in jobs

As Thailand shifts to a more digital-focused job market, more employees are shifting their focus to benefits beyond financial compensation.
By: | December 28, 2023

With more in-demand jobs in Thailand aligned towards a fully-fledged digital era, more employees are seeking a richer quality of life besides monetary compensation, like flexible working hours and hybrid work arrangements.

Duangporn Phrom-on, Managing Director of Jobs DB (Thailand) Recruitment Company, shared insights from the Global Talent Survey, with a focus on six South East Asian countries and their labour market’s evolving demands. The top five in-demand jobs in the region focused on digital data management, analysis and artificial intelligence; media, art and design; service and hospitality; financial services; and health and social services.

While these jobs align with Thailand’s progress towards a fully-fledged digital era and employers are looking for talented employees that fit the bill, Phrom-on said, employees are looking for work that offer a better quality of life besides financial compensation.

The top three motivating factors that affect their decisions on where to work includes work-life balance (77%), jobs with growth opportunities (55%) and openings for a successful business.

“The primary factors that result in an immediate rejection of a job are the financial package and work-life balance,” she said.  These factors, she explained, are equally crucial in determining the acceptance of a job offer. Businesses seeking to attract applicants must present compelling offers, including competitive salaries, benefits and opportunities for career advancement.

The job application experience, selection process efficiency and the use of engaging methods and channels also play a significant role in influencing job seekers, with over half of respondents preferring a seamless and punctual recruitment process. Over one-third of the respondents (35%) however, considered a negative experience as a key reason for rejecting an otherwise attractive job offer.

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“Providing job applicants with the necessary space and time to make decisions is crucial. Also, it’s essential not to perceive the recruitment process as being concluded solely at the job offer stage,” the Managing Director said, reported The National.