G-P Meridian Suite simplifies global workforce expansion

G-P Meridian Suite transforms global team management with G-P Meridian IQ and G-P Meridian eLibrary.
By: | June 5, 2023

Globalization Partners (G-P) has unveiled new features to the G-P Meridian Suite, a set of products designed to revolutionise global expansion and streamline the management of global teams. The suite offers a range of solutions tailored to the needs of organisations venturing into international markets.

One of the key components of the G-P Meridian Suite is G-P Meridian IQ, which provides organisations with essential data on salary and benefit benchmarking, talent availability, hiring costs, and compliance requirements. This empowers organisations to make informed decisions and strategically plan their global expansion efforts.

Another product within the suite is G-P Meridian eLibrary, offering customisable and locally compliant digital document templates and software. This feature enables organisations to streamline their processes and create personalised experiences for their global workforce. By providing accessible resources such as employment contracts, HR forms, and employee handbooks, G-P Meridian eLibrary simplifies the administrative tasks associated with managing a global team.

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Addressing the critical aspects of employee engagement, G-P Meridian Advisor utilises generative AI to support teams across various global markets. This tool assists with payroll management, benefits administration, and addresses employee concerns. Organisations utilising G-P Meridian Advisor will have access to G-P’s global network for support in all aspects of HR and global compliance.

Additionally, G-P Meridian Marketplace serves as a centralised platform connecting organisations with G-P’s certified partners, making it easier to access essential services for global expansion. Through the marketplace, organisations can integrate payroll and human resources information systems (HRIS), minimising the need for manual data transfers. This integration enhances efficiency and ensures accurate data management for international operations.