Turning crisis into opportunity: Explore data, platforms and ecosystems

In his new book, Laurence Smith charts the top 10 things leaders should do to turn crisis into opportunity.
By: | July 24, 2020

As the winds of change continue to blow, it is perhaps inevitable that traditional ways of working are beginning to be replaced by new organisational forms that are still evolving and emerging.

For instance, the move away from “management by presence” towards “management by participation” is introducing a greater level of transparency into work effort, productivity, collaboration, effectiveness and impact.

Laurence Smith, Chartered Fellow CIPD, and a thought leader in digital mindset and transformation, said, “Over time, this increased transparency will have a profound impact on corporate culture; and strengthen the need for purpose-driven organisations, strong and aligned values and behaviours, and leaders who lead by example.”

In his new book, Transformation Mindset: 10 Things Leaders should be Doing Today to turn Crisis into Opportunity, Smith cautioned that such a transformation will demand a greater level of data literacy from the entire organisation, particularly its leaders.

The most successful organisations, he predicted, will be those that can attract and engage the best talent from both inside and outside the organisation, as news notions such as Virtual Employee Experience (VEX) begin to be developed.

Smith added, “With virtual organisations, digitally-enabled work and data-driven transparency, people will be valued and rated by their reputation, ratings and reviews. Some of these will be internal, some external, and some private to certain platforms, memberships or associations.”

He also envisioned the emergence of new organisational forms that are high in trust, purpose and innovation, and which will require a very different leadership mindset and skillset to lead.

Calling these “exponential organisations”, Smith concluded, “They are driven by Massive Transformative Purposes (MTP) that attract the best talent. They aggressively leverage emerging exponential technologies and have a growth mindset of continuous experimentation.”

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