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CHRO Philippines 2024 will look into innovative strategies that CHROs can use to formulate great people-first strategies in changing organisations.
By: | January 17, 2024

The first event of 2024, CHRO series returns with CHRO Philippines 2024, which seeks to explore the innovative strategies that will allow organisations to navigate the challenges and thrive in 2024, including formulating key people strategies that will help employers and C-Suite leaders retain the best talent.

With the theme How CHROS Can Shape Organisational and Workforce Transformation, join more than 150 CHROs in the Discovery Primae, Metro Manila, Philippines, for a high-level networking opportunity, where peers within the Human Resources community would come together and share the best practices. HR leaders will be able to learn the latest insights from renowned HR thought leaders to successfully develop employees and create organisation strategies for 2024 for better growth.

Those who attend the session will be pleased to start off with the session Unleashing Leadership Potential for a Diverse and Inclusive Philippine Work Culture, which will take attendees on a dynamic journey through the evolving world of leadership in the modern Philippine workplace. Dr Virgel C. Binghay, Professor at the University of the Philippines, and Co-Founding Member, ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO) Philippines will be heading the session, unravelling the intricate tapestry of leadership, diversity, and inclusion – essential components in today’s corporate realm.

He will also delve into the unique leadership landscape of the Philippines, spotlighting how these elements are revolutionising how organisations operate, the crucial role of workplace diversity, and exploring essential leadership skills and innovative training programmes provided in the Philippines.

Those who are interested in the application of human development would enjoy the first panel discussion of the day, entitled Applying Human Development at Work: What Are the Criteria for Success, And Who Is Leading the Way. Moderator Dr Binghay will be leading a panel to discuss the purpose of human development, its purpose, design and the metrics needed to measure HD. With panellists Danreb Oira, Head of Human Resources, Zuellig Pharma; Wilma Estaura, Group Director of Human Resources, Ayala Hotels and Resorts; and Aiza Torreda, Planning Officer, Office for Alternative Dispute and Resolution, Justice Department, The Philippines, hear real-world examples of how leading employers have implemented winning strategies to apply HD across their organisations.

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HR’s scope, purpose and function is always changing, bringing about new paradigms of people and work. In the session Challenges of the New HR Paradigm for HR leaders in ASEAN, Dr Bob Aubrey, Founder and Chair of the Advisory Board, ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO), will discuss the challenges facing CHROs in ASEAN in this fundamental paradigm shift. He will also describe a roadmap for leaders to shift their organisations to the new reality of people and work in the fast-growing ASEAN economy.

CHRO Philippines 2024 will be held on the 21 February. To learn more about the different sessions, click here.