CHRO Philippines: Transcending workforce strategies

CHRO Philippines 2024 will let HR leaders gather in Metro Manila to compare notes, realign strategies and elevate the workforce for the year ahead.
By: | January 31, 2024

There is less than a month before CHROs and organisational leaders in the Philippines will be able to attend CHRO Philippines 2024, where they can learn how to realign strategies and elevate their workforce for the year and beyond.

As part of HRM Asia’s CHRO Series, CHRO Philippines 2024 invites more than 150 CHROs to the Discovery Primae, Metro Manila, Philippines, for a high-level networking opportunity, under the theme How CHROS Can Shape Organisational and Workforce Transformation. HR leaders will be able to explore innovative strategies that will allow organisations to navigate the challenges and thrive in 2024, and tackle key human resource issues for great success.

While AI is helping leaders to make data-driven HR choices and driving workforce transformation, it is also causing disruption that is reshaping the employer and employee relationship. Thus, CHRO and other HR leaders will be ecstatic to attend Aligning AI With Employees to Reshape the Workplace, combining the heavily discussed topic of AI with its impact on their workforce. Michelle Cordero-Garcia, CHRO, Sun Life, will be leading the session and explore why organisations must understand the impact of AI on their employees, and how they can leverage this technology transformation to impact areas such as employee experience and wellbeing.

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Employers looking to explore key workforce and people trends in 2024 will be excited to learn about the final panel discussion of the day called Elevating Work: How Organisations Can Create High-Performing Workforces In 2024.  Moderated by Darwin Rivers, Founder and CEO, Philippines HR Group, the panel will offer insights into the tools that CHROs can leverage to drive successful transformation initiatives and sustainable growth with motivated and high-performing employees. Panellists for the session include Theresa Llamas, CHRO, Newport World Resorts; Maylene Benitez, Head of HR, Continental Global Business Service; and Oliver Requilman, Adjunct Professor, Far Eastern University.

CHRO Philippines 2024 will be held on the 21 February. To learn more about the different sessions available, click here.