HR Tech Festival Asia 2023: What’s happening on Day 2

Day 2 of the HR Tech Festival Asia 2023 is jam-packed with presentations and innovations that will shape the way organisations work in 2023 and beyond.
By: | May 11, 2023

HR Tech Festival Asia 2023 continues today, with the objective of bringing Asia’s HR community together to learn from global and regional HR experts, share innovative solutions, and build virtual connections through a series of programmes and activities. 

 To learn about the importance of building an engaging workplace that offers learning and growth opportunities to employees, head to the HR Tech Theatre for the Salesforce Formula of Engagement and Development: Learning & Growth Opportunities for Every Employee session. Speakers Nick Huang, Director, General Manager of Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, goFluent; and Max Yawata, Talent Experience Director, Salesforce Japan, will be sharing how both companies believe in prioritising employees as a crucial part of their success, and their experience creating a workplace culture that helps employees thrive.  

Then, stay for a session called How Generative AI Is Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Learning and Workforce Development, where Bala Murali, Business Consultant,  Androgogic Singapore, will be sharing how AI is accelerating the digital transformation of learning and workforce development. He will also focus on how Generative AI has opened up a new frontier for learning in the workplace and unlocking the potential in the overall learner journey and experience. 

Later, join JobStreet’s discussion on understanding evolving candidate preferences that are crucial to winning the war for talent. Entitled What JobSeekers Wish Employers Knew: Unlock the Future of Recruitment, speakers Chew Siew Mee, Managing Director, JobStreet Singapore; and David Setiawan, Head of Marketing, JobStreet Singapore shed light on how employment has changed and how employers can keep up to meet the demands with insights directly from the jobseekers. 

A one-day event, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Human Development Organisation (AHDO)  Human Development Summit will focus on how human development (HD) is replacing the traditional HR model and how organisations can establish a balance between economic priorities and HD. Keynote speakers include Nadiah Tan Abdullah (AHDO Chair); Gaston Carrion (Accenture); Fong Tuan Chen (Maybank); Nissi Taruli Felicia Naibaho (FeminisThemis); and Thomas Bertels (Purpose Works). The conference will include high-level panel discussions during the day with 12 human development and business leaders.  

At the Power Talk Stage, listen to expert insights from Charles Ferguson, General Manager – Asia Pacific at G-P; along with John Antos, Vice President, Strategy & Marketing, Asia Pacific at ADP, who will share expert insights to help HR leaders navigate today’s constantly evolving business landscape. How should leaders redesign their role in a constantly evolving world of work to fully embrace the extraordinary opportunities it presents? Leading at Work: Thriving in the Face of Global Headwinds will have the answers.  
Employees who feel at ease and a sense of  belonging at work are more engaged, have higher job satisfaction, better mental health and productivity, and organisations looking to improve the employee experience, should create conditions for employees to have a strong and lasting connection with their work.  In this session, How Belonging at Work Boosts Everything, David Bator, Managing Director, Achievers Workforce Institute (AWI) will share a tactical, practical perspective at how to ensure that every employee feels welcomed, known, included, supported and connected everyday. 

The biggest challenge towards full adoption of the fourth industrial revolution is not technology, physical and financial resources but adopting human and socio-emotional skills, as well as the skills to adapt to technology. In a Brittle, Anxious, Nonlinear, and Incomprehensible (BANI) world, where more skills will become irrelevant, the discussion will be on how employees need to adapt to a world that is changing much more than before. In A BANI World, Are Job Descriptions A Thing of The Past?, presented by Gail Matthey, CS Manager and Head of Enterprises CS, APAC, Udemy, will address some of the ways in which we navigate re-skilling and upskilling. 

Continuing the discussion on working amidst times of uncertainty, companies in South-East Asia are faced with the daunting task of making swift and difficult decisions that can have a profound impact on their workforce. With no universal solution to some of these challenges, business leaders and managers must be ready to transform the way they hire and retain talent. But where should they start when it comes to building a high-performing team? Yeo Puay Lin, Commercial Director, Glints, will be discussing how to do so in her talk Turning Adversity into Advantage: Building a Resilient and Adaptable Workforce in Times of Scarcity. 


How does one make online learning engaging when online communication fatigue is affecting employees’ concentration in and motivation? This is a challenge for learning and development (L&D) professionals who need to quickly upskill teams that may span countries and markets.  In Making Online Learning Impactful, join Kate Sullivan, Global Head of Services and Talent, British Council Corporate English Solutions, and discover how you can ensure your online solutions keep your hybrid and remote teams engaged, connected and learning effectively, and achieve the impact your organisation needs. 


The world of work has evolved drastically over the past two decades, and so must the way people work and the environments we work in. Driving an Effective People Sustainability Strategy discusses the shifts in employer attitudes, workforce changes and policies on wellbeing and mental health. May Leng Kwok, Regional Head APAC, CIPD will drive the conversation forward by exploring the CIPD’s seven domains of employee wellbeing, and how organisations can implement an effective people sustainability strategy that goes beyond a series of standalone initiatives. 


Rafael Lim, Manager, Workforce Singapore Agency will discuss how business and manpower needs are evolving with the uncertain economic climate. In a talk entitled Government Support for Businesses, join Rafael and learn more about how the various WSG programmes and services available can better support business and manpower needs. 
Lastly, at the CHRO Symposium, Rob Squires, Vice President, Regional Head of Sales, Asia & Japan, Ceridian, will be presenting his topic titled, How Technology Can Help You Attract and Retain Top Talent, which will recommend the right strategy for attracting and retaining talent during the Great Resignation. Join Squires to learn how new technologies can help you build a stronger workforce and create a competitive advantage in the pursuit of top talent. 
Stay for the Unlocking Global Talent: Grow Your Business with Employer of Record, which will explore the challenges HR faces when hiring and managing remote and global talent and how to gain access to this talent to fill skill shortages and create a more inclusive work environment.  Rick Hammell, Founder and CEO, Atlas will be sharing his keynote speech and offer actionable insights and strategies to help HR quickly get the right talent on board effectively while providing an excellent employee experience at the CHRO Symposium Powered by Workday. 

There is still time to register for the last day of the HR Tech Festival Asia 2023, so click here and learn how you can power up your HR teams for a successful year ahead!