Taking a workforce view to predict the future of work

What are the key trends and developments that will impact how organisations plan a successful transition into the future of work?
By: | May 14, 2021

More than a year into the pandemic, how are workers coping, how are companies reopening, and how have accelerated trends changed work and the workplace?

ADP, in powering HR Tech Fest Connect 2021, Asia’s largest regional flagship conference for HR and work tech, will present key insights from ADP Research Institute’s new study, People at work: A workforce view 2021.

In her presentation, Nela Richardson, Chief Economist at ADP, will report on how the workforce has changed over the past year from an APAC perspective. Covering the countries of Singapore, China, India and Australia, she will highlight the strong expectations of future change in terms of work flexibility, as well as the development of skillsets and the way work is done.

She will also share the realities of the professional impact of the pandemic, and the longer-term outlook for the world of work, as the pandemic becomes a change marker event for global companies and their employees.

The impact of the pandemic on work, the workforce and the workplace will continue to be felt after the health crisis has subsided, said Suchita Prasad, Leadership Development, Talent and Change Management Expert, McKinsey & Company.

This, she added, is why preparing for the future of work has never been more integral for organisations today. During her presentation titled What’s next for the future of work: Organise, leap and strengthen, Prasad will highlight what is next for the future of work.

She will also discuss how organisations can plan for this future by leaping forward in iterative ways, as well as strengthening the skills and capabilities that will be critical for success.

Examining the next era of work, Kevin Martin, Chief Research Officer, Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), will share key findings from a global study conducted by HRM Asia and i4cp, which detailed what the next era of work will look like.

Martin will detail how high-performance organisations are already enabling effective collaboration, innovation and employees’ sense of connection in a hybrid working environment. He will also predict the role of the traditional office going forward, and how decisions will be made about who will work onsite, remotely or in a hybrid arrangement.

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Taking place from May 27-28, HR Tech Fest Connect 2021 will feature a carefully curated group of inspirational HR visionaries and experts, including Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and Dean of the Josh Bersin Academy; Dr Terri Horton, Workforce Futurist and Founder of FuturePath; and Anita Lettink, Advisor, Future of Work Speakerand Founder of HRTechradar.com.

The completely virtual event is also supported by leading companies such as AMSGlobalization PartnersOracle, SAPSentosa Development Corporation, SHL and Qualtrics, and will provide the platform for the largest HR network in Asia to connect, network, discover and share ideas on issues such as HR technology, workforce management and the future of work.

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