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22 Jul 2016

The patriotic Chinese company is encouraging employees to use made-in-China phones. 

22 Jul 2016

The employee taught her colleague a lesson with a tongue-in-cheek prank, by swapping coffee creamer with breast milk.

22 Jul 2016

A well-groomed but unattractive candidate can command as much salary as someone with natural good looks, a new study has found. 

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Speaking at the sidelines of HR Summit 2016, Joanna Flint, Country Director, Google Singapore, shares why the tech conglomerate is hell-bent on setting audacious organisational goals even if they may...

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- Brewing up an inclusive culture at Starbucks

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Customisation is the name of the game
T.J. Spencer, vice president, sales, and managing director of Asia Pacific, Oakwood Worldwide, shares some of the key relocation and mobility trends impacting organisations globally.
Three major corporate travel trends in Asia Pacific
As we move into Q2 2016, Asia Pacific’s economic outlook will continue to dominate global growth. Despite some uneven economic growth across the region, business travel in Asia Pacific is projected to grow at a rate of 7.7% through 2019 with spend at USD $459 billion in 2014.
Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of 'Everything HR'
Truly a marketplace for HR ideas, HR Summit Singapore 2016 brings together the best minds in HR, management strategy and HR services from South East Asia and beyond, to connect and learn for two exciting full days

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