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Do you have what it takes to be a great leader?

HRM Asia - 13 Aug 2015
Pixar was a small struggling company in 1995. Today, it is a multi-million dollar corporation and ranked as one of the top companies to work for. How did they do it? Through good leadership. Let’s take a look at their leadership style to see what we can learn from them.
HRM Asia - 22 Jun 2015
Dr Osvald Bjelland, Chairman and CEO, Xyntéo, argues that organisations cannot keep throwing old leadership approaches at new problems.
HRM Asia - 23 Feb 2015
Cynthia Stuckey, Asia Pacific Managing Director of The Forum Corporation, emphasizes that accountability begins at the leadership level, citing a unique example in the form of AirAsia Group CEO, Tony Fernandes.
- 05 Feb 2015
Tang Seok Hian, Head of Talent Management Southeast Asia, Starcom MediaVest Group, delves into the notion of "Leadership Punctuation".