Leadership strategies in 2024 for CHROs and their organisations

The CHRO Symposium at HR Tech Festival Asia 2024 will be the place to be for CHROs looking to explore trends in HR.
By: | March 27, 2024

Often, leaders are the thinking nucleus of any organisation, especially when it comes to determining and steering the direction of any organisation and their resources. As the role of leadership continues to be redefined, HR leaders need to develop skills to lead business transformation and address workforce shifts.

The CHRO Symposium, which will take place during HR Tech Festival Asia 2024, will feature numerous HR experts sharing insights derived from the continuously evolving knowledge bases essential for employers. This symposium offers a platform for CHROs and other experts to exchange knowledge, experience, and skills, shaping the HR landscape in 2024 and beyond.

The CHRO Symposium will see returning favourite Diana Wu David, Work Futurist & Chief Executive Officer, Future Proof Lab, as she gives her keynote speech on Adopting Agile Mindsets and Practices to Succeed and Thrive in a VUCA World. Diana will share how organisations can anticipate macro drivers that would impact society, customers, employees and businesses, what signs to look out for so that organisations can take advantage of world trends to outwit, outperform and reimagine work and find new meaning in change management and corporate innovation.

With distributed workforces being a topic that CHROs are concerned about, discussions about how to unite employees across different time zones and regions within a distinctive brand while still navigating government regulations and laws within those areas must be nuanced and highly needed. Karen Ng, Regional Director, Asia at Deel will be moderating a fireside chat with Chelsea Lee, Global Head of People, Parcel Perform; and Adrit Raha, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Cover Go to discuss the best people practices for a strong, cohesive culture, the role of technology in boosting employee morale and productivity, and how CHROs can navigate regulatory compliance to expand internationally. Titled Talent, Technology and Taxes – How to Build an International Remote Team, sit in and learn from experienced leaders on how they would explore leading remote teams and get them to work together in 2024.

Disruption can be a cause of concern for unprepared organisations. Let Dr Tanvi Gautam, HR Influencer, Transformational Leadership Expert, Leadershift Inc., share how organisational leaders can accelerate performance in her keynote speech Navigating Disruption through Deep Collaboration. Understanding the concept of deep collaboration and why it is the game changer for teams aiming to accelerate performance will help organisational leaders understand how to strategise for the upcoming year. She will also share three essential HR mindsets to lead through disruption and create a more resilient organisation and how to utilise future fluidity to create organisational resilience.

Change is the only constant. As such, it is important to discuss managing change and pivot strategies for 2024 and beyond. Navigating Change Management: 2024 Trends and Strategies will see Justin Angsuwat, Chief People Officer, Culture Amp; and Anita Low-Lim, Chief Transformation Officer, TOUCH Community Services share strategies for keeping top talent engaged and thriving in a competitive talent landscape. They will also share how CHROs and their teams should leverage data alongside real-world examples to illustrate the impact of cultural shifts on talent retention and, using data analysis and insights, derive and create actionable strategies in addressing emerging challenges in organisations that wish to remain competitive.

At the same time, how can CHROs who wish to navigate change be able to walk the thin line between organisational objectives and employee priorities? Navigating the Great Workforce Balancing Act is the session to attend. The session will share how organisations and employees can benefit from an equilibrium between employee flexibility and compliance, empathy and efficiency, with Rob Squires, Vice President & Head of Sales, Asia & Japan, Dayforce, heading the discussion and presentation. Sharing key survey findings on how employees feel about employer’s priorities deviating from their best interests conducted by Dayforce, Squires will be able to give CHROs the confidence and knowledge to strike the balance between competing priorities to drive high performance

CHROs looking to understand just how AI can foster and develop the hiring process a little better will be interested in a case study involving one of Singapore’s biggest telcos, Singtel, and how they have managed the use of AI to recreate and redesign the recruitment process so that more attention is placed on the personalised candidate’s journey. In the case study, aptly named How Singtel Evolved the Hiring Process with the Use of AI to Create a Faster and More Personalised Experience, sit in and listen as Delia-Ann Ho, Senior Director, Strategic Talent Acquisition, Group People & Sustainability, Singtel, and John Secrest, Vice President, Marketing & Client Advocacy, Paradox share key learnings gained from this transformation journey and share advice for anyone exploring similar technologies for the recruitment process. 

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The content theatre, scheduled for April 24-25 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore during HR Tech Festival Asia 2024, will serve as the platform where CHROs and other experts can drive business transformation and enhance HR’s capacity to foster talent outcomes and navigate change for sustained organisational success. For the full agenda of the CHRO Symposium, click here.

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